Tuesday, February 28, 2006

to georgeann and jesse...

glad tidings and best wishes on your new life together.

love, laci (who's running a month behind...)

Friday, February 24, 2006

lauren says i've got guts...

i did it. the bravest thing i've done in years, i did this morning.

and that's all i'm going to tell you. if something comes of it, i promise to spill the beans.

but for now, i just wanted to publicly pat myself on the back. yay, me!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


stands for work in progress. yes, friends, you've got yourselves a knitting post...


after knitting on the damn thing since august, i finally finished my clapotis shawl on tuesday morning. i've still got a bit of finishing work to do (weaving in ends (ugh) and blocking), which i'm hoping to knock out this weekend. in celebration of my accomplishment (that is, finishing the infernal thing...), i'll be wearing it for at least a week straight.

steam scarf:
this is my sister cami's christmas present. lest you be thinking that i'm way ahead of the game, i'm talking last christmas. but it's done now. and it's lovely. again, needs a bit of finishing work and it'll be ready to go. my consolation on its tardiness is that unfortunately for chicagoans (?), it's still cold enough in march to wear scarves.

this is my niece grace's christmas present (yes, same christmas...). i'm still working on it. fingers crossed for a weekend completion...

once all of these three items are completely finished, i'll post photos.

the next project in my queue is a hat for rusty. i've been promising him one since before thanksgiving. my goal is to finish before hat-wearing weather in boston passes. which is, what, mid-may? :)

good lord, i'm running behind...

Saturday, February 11, 2006


a post to tide you over until i get home from boston (and i'm not sure now when that will be, as a nor'easter is moving in tonight and my flight is scheduled to leave tomorrow morning during a period of blizzard-like conditions...)

WARNING: this video contains inappropriate language of a sexual nature. if your sensibilities are more proper than mine, you might want to skip this one. and if you're in a public place, you might want to don a set of headphones.

that being said, i offer you this funny, funny video.

Friday, February 03, 2006

and i was doing so well...

i'm in the midst of conference planning mania. so that with the fact that the wifi signal i've been stealing from my neighbor has been super sketch all week (see wednesday's post) has left this little space of mine a bit neglected.

i leave sunday for new haven, and then wednesday, on to boston for a few days.

see you when i get back!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

i think i'll move to australia...

i'm having a terrible horrible no good very bad day.