Monday, December 11, 2006

i've been sick for a week. it's the weirdest cold i've ever had - SUPER cyclical, with me feeling okay in the mornings, CRAPPY in the afternoon, and okay in the evenings.

because i am a moron whose social calendar is overbooked, and because i feel pretty good at night, i'm staying up far too late. and the internal alarm clock that goes off in my head every morning is precluding any semblance of sleeping in.

fortunately, i don't have anything going on this week. this is good news, as in the last hour i have gone COMPLETELY HOARSE.

this sucks...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

words from a hobbit who's currently staying at my house...

so yeah. go watch the lord of the rings with your loved ones this christmas. watch them and think of your own story. and think of someone you love, and someone who loves you.

but take something from em. they're great stories. they say:
life is hard. sometimes you have to do some shit that you don't want to. and sometimes those things turn into adventures. or sometimes you want to have adventures and they turn into difficult trials. but either way, it's good to have friends there with you. live well. live fully. be ready for loss. or don't. but know that you have to keep going, even if you're crying as you walk. enjoy the nights by the fire. enjoy the days under the sunshine. enjoy the moments of shelter and kindness from people of all walks of life. live well. live full.

via hooch dupree and the whiskey priest

Monday, December 04, 2006

i'd like to buy a vowel...

wheel watchers, tonight you can see my friend edye bisagno as a contestant on WHEEL - OF - FORTUNE!!!

this is so random, so fun, and soooo edye...

be sure and watch!