Wednesday, April 23, 2008

tasty business...

since i live by myself and don't mind leftovers, i usually only cook a couple times per week. each time i cook, however, i make enough of whatever i'm making to feed me for a couple of days. this alleviates the two-fold problem of 1) menu planning and 2) coming home hungry in the evening to an empty refrigerator.

i made a big batch of this asian-style spicy coleslaw (mine wasn't near that pretty) on sunday, and just polished it off for lunch today. it combines my recent obsession with coleslaw (weird, i know) with one of my favorite things in the whole world, peanut butter. plus it's a little spicy. win-win-win.

the salad is huge - i halved it. and if you're not planning on eating it all at one sitting, dress it as you go. otherwise, you'll get watery, soggy coleslaw. and who wants that?

again we say, taste-ola.

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